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When you think of inspirational and heartfelt songs like "SERENADE",  Soothing melodies like "Just To Keep You Satisfied", or the heartfelt rhythms of "Freedom", one name should come to mind.

Nio Musica. A classically trained pianist, guitarist and violinist.  This humble, yet awesomely talented composer and songwriter has been blessed with the natural ability to create artistry and musical landmarks that touch our hearts, inspire and breathe life into our innermost feelings with music. Blessed with parents that exposed him to a world of art, culture and an array of musical instruments at an early age, he aspired to learn them all. His faith in God, work, and determination are the things that ripened the skills that he has acquired over the many creative years of his success. Truly a blessed and remarkably talented young man, in the world of music, there are no limits to his creative artistry.

Composer | Producer | Arranger | Songwriter

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